21U Tournament Players

Players from across Canada came to Ottawa for the 2019 Baseball Canada Womens’ Baseball Championship during the first days of August

Here is a look at many of them in their own words.

Listed alphabetically by first name

Our thanks to Daryll Gershman who gets the credit for many of the photos shown here. Daryll was at the Tournament as the official photographer – see our home page for his details.

Alexane Fournier, Team Quebec

Since being part of the Quebec team, the Canadian championship is the best part of the summer. I am so proud to take part in a Canadian championship because throughout the year, I train for these championships, which allows me to compete with the best players in the country. Before being part of the team, I played with boys, but for me the difference of playing with girls in addition to practicing the sport I love, are the friendships that we create for the rest of our lives. We are lucky to be identified as athletes, we are baseball players and Canada supports us by setting up these annual events. For all the players who want to evolve in this sport, it is possible, with perseverance, work and passion. Weare part of a team of players, coaches and parents and it is thanks to all these people that we will realize our dreams. I can’t wait to be there, for the love of the game.

Alixia Legault, Team Quebec

Baseball has provided me the honor to play for my district (West Island), my region (Lac St-Louis) and my province (Quebec) at different levels. My teammates, coaches, family and friends have been very supportive of my efforts and taught me a lot about life, friendship, how to be part of a team and other things that will help me as I grow.

Any success and opportunities would have been impossible without them and I am so grateful for all the tremendous experiences being involved in the game has given me. Many of my best friends and experiences have happened through baseball.

This year I am excited to be the youngest player on Team Quebec U20 and to contribute to the team. Last year, our Team Quebec U16 team won the gold medal and I was awarded the Canadian National Championship MVP. At the regional level, our Lac St-Louis U16 team successfully defended our championship at the Quebec Provincial Championships and again, I had the great honor of being the starting and winning pitcher in the Gold medal game. As the only female member of the Lac St-Louis Jeux du Quebec baseball team, we had a region best all-time finish, playing in the semi-finals against the eventual winner. Again, the winning combinations of great teammates, coaches, family and friends.

It is my dream to one day represent our great country as a member of Team Canada baseball and to pitch against the greatest female players in the world.

Baseball is the most beautiful game possible because it often requires you to overcome failure and be resilient. To all the girls who might read this text I encourage you to follow your dreams! But don’t forget to work hard, smile even when its hard to, breathe and believe in your teammates, coaches and yourself.

Baseball is life!

Allie Norris, Team Nova Scotia

I have been playing competitive baseball and hockey for over a decade!  Playing these competitive sports has provided me with so many opportunities to grow as a person and respect the value of being part of a team.  I am so grateful for the friendships and opportunities that I have gained through sport and I have learned many valuable life lessons along the way!  This will be my 6th time competing at a National baseball tournament.  I love the challenge of playing against other provinces.  Winning a silver medal at Nationals last summer was a definitely a highlight and something I will remember forever!!

Aly Stymest, Team Nova Scotia

I started playing AAA baseball 7 years ago. In all but 1 year, I have not only been the only girl on my team but also the only girl in my league in New Brunswick.  I have always been accepted but being the only girl has pushed me to work harder. This tournament allows me to show how much I love the game and allows me to play with and against girls from across the country, some of whom I’ve met already during my baseball career. Baseball has given me many opportunities. I’ve travelled to Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Cuba and Alberta, making great friendships along the way.

Alyssa Laurette, Team Nova Scotia

Baseball pushes me and makes me face obstacles that I couldn’t have overcome without my team. Having a team of 16 players constantly cheering you on and believing in you when you don’t always believe in yourself is the best feeling in the entire world. Playing on boys’ teams for the most of my baseball experience was hard, you had to push yourself more than all the other players because you felt that you always had to prove something and justify why the coach chose you because people felt you didn’t belong there. This tournament allows me to meet and play against extremely talented women from all across Canada and to show the rest of Canada that woman can play baseball too.

Amber Baker, Team Manitoba

I have played baseball as long as I can remember, it was always the sport I was playing in the summer.  As I got older, I grew to love baseball more and more and it became the sport I practiced in my free time whether it was summer or winter.  As much as I love playing the sport, I definitely enjoy meeting the players who love the sport as much as I do.

Amber Flannigan, Team Ontario

I got my start in baseball with the Cornwall River Rats minor baseball association at the age of 4. I am now playing on a boy’s midget ‘’A’’ team in the Lac St Louis baseball league in Quebec. Living in Cornwall, I am very close to Quebec so the opportunities to play baseball there are convenient. I have also played for an all girls team in Quebec which makes it interesting when playing for Team Ontario where I play against many of my Quebec teammates at national tournaments. Being the youngest of 4 baseball players in my family I have had lots of inspiration. I have spent the better part of every summer at a baseball park somewhere.

Amy Johnson,  Team Saskatchewan

When I first started playing baseball 8 years ago I never knew the impact it would have on my life. It has taught me how to come back from failure and how to deal with success. It has given me friendships that will last a life time. When I was 11 I played for the 14U Girls Team Saskatchewan at Westerns and that was my first time playing on a girls team. Immediately I realized how different the team was than my regular boys’ team. The team was so close and we all helped and supported each other in a way I never saw before. I was able to play on the 14U team for 4 years and travel to all the western provinces before playing on the 16U team and going to Halifax. This year I have been given the opportunity to attend both the 16U and 21U Women’s Nationals. Being only 16 I am so excited and thankful to be able to join both teams this year and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Arianne Lévesque – Team Quebec

I remember my first baseball game, 11 years ago.  At a young age, I was very athletic and played in many different sports, but I never knew how much I would love the game of baseball. I grew up playing mostly with the boy’s teams, which only made me prove myself and my abilities as a girl to the boys baseball team and hopefully one day become part of the women’s provincial baseball team.  I cried, I got hurt but I never gave up and I never stopped trying my hardest. Day after day I practiced, pushing myself passed my limits and beyond my comfort zone knowing I always had room to improve and become a better athlete day after day.

These tournaments represent the future of girls/women’s baseball not only because we are being models for young Canadian girls/women, but we prove to the whole country that girls/women teams belong on a baseball field. I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of this tournament for another year and to see my friends from across the country. Competing against girls was fun but getting to know these extraordinary ball players is a privilege. 

I would like to thank Baseball Canada for the time you put into women’s baseball and Baseball Ontario for inviting us to your home. But mostly, I would like to thank Baseball Québec for giving me the opportunity to play for our province for the past 6 years. It has been an honor to represent the French province of Canada for so long. 

Brianna Biletski, Team Saskatchewan

To me, baseball is more than a sport; it’s about coming together with your community, building character, and creating memories. From a young age baseball has taught me how far hard work and sweat can take you in your development as a player but also as a person. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to grow and develop along with Team Sask over the past six years. Through mentoring younger Saskatchewan players to working with our coaching staff it is evident that each moment presents a new opportunity in the game. The given opportunity to play at nationals not only brings me closer to Saskatchewan, but to my country as a whole.

Bridget Kelly, Team Quebec

Being the only girl on my team for many years wasn’t always easy.  I was accepted by my teammates and by my coaches however, I encountered people who doubted me and believed that I, being a girl, did not have a place on a boys’ team.  Being a woman in baseball is difficult at times, but the criticism that I faced pushed me to work harder and strive to be the best I can be.  This tournament gives me a chance to prove what I am capable of and to show others my passion and love for the game.  I get the opportunity to meet and compete against some very talented women from across Canada and be inspired by them.

Brittney Langlais, Team Manitoba

Baseball has brought me to many places in across North America,  and even as far as the other side of the world in NSW, Australia. It is my hope that young girls will be able to watch women’s baseball tournaments, such as the U21 Women’s Nationals and see what fun and great memories are created on the ball field. I have made some of my best friends from playing the sport and continue to make new ones every season. Females playing baseball is starting to be seen as a norm and the barriers that were once an issue are now being broken. There has never been a better time for young girls to pick up a glove and join a team, because the opportunities are endless and who knows, maybe she’ll be the next one to make history.  I have reached most of my goals as a female playing baseball, and it is my hope that we can encourage young females to set and reach their goals in the sport too. 

Brooklyn Shaw, Team Saskatchewan

Baseball has always had a special place in my heart. From the first time I caught a ball until now, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and the game. It has taught me that no matter what obstacle stands in front of you, there is always a way to overcome it and if life isn’t going your way, you must adapt and change your perspective. Being a part of the provincial team for six years now, I can honestly say it has been an adventure. Whether I am winning or losing, I have learned hard work does pay off and the best accomplishments are the ones earned from sweat and tears. From meeting amazing people, to having coaches that push me towards success, everything that comes along with this game; the training, the struggle, the joy, has shaped me into the person I am today and for that I am extremely grateful.

Caitlin Culleton, Team Manitoba 

When I am out on the field nothing else matters, it’s as if the world has been put on hold. Not only do I have a passion for baseball, but my whole family does. This sport is something that brings my family together, in the summers it is very likely to find my brothers and I out in the backyard playing catch or backyard ball. As with many of the other girls at this tournament, I have been the only girl on many of the teams I’ve played on. I feel that this group of women who I have the opportunity to play the sport I love with, are such strong independent women because of this. 

This beautiful sport has given me the opportunity to travel all across North America, while even allowing me to take part in college softball while going to school to become a doctor. Baseball runs in my blood and is something I hope to continue doing for the rest of my life. 

Chelsea Morgan, Team Quebec

I am so happy that this years Championships are just across the river from where I am proud to call home and I hope that young girls in this area will be inspired by all the strong, passionate, and talented women from across the country competing. It was because of my first Canadian Championship that I stopped feeling like I had to prove myself at each at bat, or every inning I pitched. Before playing team Quebec I was often the only girl on my teams and I always felt like I had to show that I could play with the boys. Afterwards I learned that playing to prove you belong won’t make you a better player. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself, but you can’t be putting too much pressure on yourself on or off the field. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Play with passion and the love of the game your talent will shine through. 

Claudia Fulton, Team Nova Scotia

I’ve always enjoyed competing at the highest level in all sports I play, and baseball is no exception. My first year with the girls’ team was when I was 13 and, at that time I was still playing on my local boys’ team as well. I love baseball for all the competitiveness and determination it requires, and its slight unpredictability. You can be going up against a top team and, pull off a big upset, all it takes is hitting some holes and a little bit of luck. There’s no better feeling than pulling out a comeback win in the bottom of the 7th. Nationals are a really great experience with lots of completion, playing against some of the best female baseball players in the county. Some of my favourite memories come from trips to baseball nationals, the tournament is something I look forward to every summer. This will be my 8th national experience and it isn’t any less exciting now than it was six years ago.

Elizabeth Plamondon, Team Ontario

This tournament is a great opportunity to showcase women’s baseball in my hometown. The sport is growing in Ottawa and I hope more young girls are inspired to play. Growing up, I wasn’t always the best player on my team so I had to work hard to earn my spot and get to where I am today.

I’ve met some amazing people through baseball and I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve made along the way. Representing Ontario and playing alongside such talented athletes is an amazing experience.  I’m excited to be a part of it.

Ellie MacAulay, Team Nova Scotia

The number one thing I enjoy the most about baseball is being able to improve my game while playing with some players I now call friends. We have travelled together and learned from one another on and off the field

This tournament is important to me Because I’m fortunate to be able to play competitively on an all female team in an all female tournament with some of the best players in our nation.

A challenge I have over come is feeling more confident as player , all my life I have played with and against boys in Cape Breton since I was 7 years old . I needed to travel almost 350kms each way for practice and games, but it was well worth every Km to be seen at the provincial level and being in this provincial program it’s improved my mental game to give me that confidence I needed on and off the mound.

Elly Kerluke, Team Saskatchewan

I started out playing softball and didn’t start playing baseball untill 3 years ago. Softball is more popular for girls here in Saskatchewan but I don’t think it should be. Baseball is better in my opinion and I am so glad I started to play it. Baseball has brought me so many opportunities to travel to different places and see different cultures. Baseball has also brought me new friends around Canada and that is one thing I love about it. Baseball is a great sport as it comes with failure and it comes with success. When I succeed in this sport it makes me want to keep playing. 

Emily MacFadyen, Team Nova Scotia

I love baseball because it is a team sport that is competitive where I can meet new people and make friends. I can play with girls who were once role models to me.

Challenges that I have faced while playing baseball is being the only girl on a team full of boys and not being looked at as an equal to them. Playing on this provincial team has given me the chance to be looked at as an equal. 

Nationals is important to me because it is a chance to play with/against like skilled players. Some of which are the best in our country. I can represent my province along side my teammates and be a role model for girls in my area back home. 

Emma Carr, Team Ontario

Baseball has become more than just a game to me. This game has brought me many opportunities that I would have never dreamed about. I have the privilege of representing my province and my country, playing the sport that I love. I am able to take my skills and knowledge and pass it on to the younger generation so they get to experience how much fun this game really is.

This tournament means a lot because it’s close to home this year. Since I will be turning 21 this year, I get to play alongside my younger teammates for one last year, supported by a crowd that’s so close to home.

There have been many challenges that I have had to overcome during my 16 years of playing baseball. From being the only girl on my team for many years before the provincial program, to getting cut from teams. Even just a simple strikeout in a crucial situation has been tough. This game is all about failure, but that failure has shaped me into the baseball player that I am today, and I could not be more thankful for every bump I have hit along the way.

Erica Ahad, Team Quebec

I began my baseball experience being the only girl on my team. I wanted to prove that I belonged just as much as my teammates. As my hard work progressed, so did the level of respect I received. After playing in my local region for several years, I became involved with Team Quebec. I have been a member of the Quebec Provincial Team for several years and the National Championships are by far the highlight of every summer. I’m given the opportunity to make new friends and play the sport I love.

Isabella Penner, Team Manitoba

All my life I’ve grown up around the ball diamonds thanks to my dad coaching AAA for years. Baseball is a big part of my family. When I was younger I decided I wanted to go into softball instead, so I’ve been playing it my whole life. But now at the ripe age of 17, I decided to pick up baseball. Being able to represent my province has always been a goal of mine since I was little and baseball has given me that opportunity. It’s allowed me to make new friends, adapt to a new sport, and be apart of a totally different atmosphere.

Jacey Ledochowski, Team Manitoba

In the small rural community I grew up in, summertime meant it was time to play baseball.  I fell in love with everything about the sport at the age of 3 because, well baseball was less running than soccer and my older two siblings played baseball so that was my path.  I’ve been playing baseball ever since.  My whole summer consists of baseball and more baseball, but I won’t have it any other way.  I’ve been playing for Manitoba for 5 years now.  It has been an honour to represent my province.  This year I’m playing for both the U16 and U21 squads.  As my older sister says, there’s no better feeling than striking out a boy.

Jamie Johnson, Team Manitoba

Hi, I’m Jamie Johnson and I play for Team Manitoba. Being from a small town there was no softball program where I live. That being said, I grew up playing with the boys, as “one of the guys.” You learn pretty quick that you have to work even harder to prove yourself because you’re a girl. I love being a part of this tournament and seeing all the girls playing ball at such a high level with the same passion and love of the game that I have, girls like me. It gives girls an opportunity to play at a competitive level as well as setting something to strive for. It’s important for younger girls coming up to see the opportunities they have in women’s baseball. I have made some of my best friends through this sport, and I can’t wait to compete again this summer against some of the best girls in our country.  

Jill Gallant, Team Nova Scotia

What I love about baseball is that I get to meet new people and travel all over the province to play. It’s awesome getting to know your team, I’ve made so many new friends since the start! This tournament is important to me because it shows that I made it. Despite the sexist comments and negativity, it really shows how hard I’ve worked to get here and it’s always so much fun and such a privilege to represent Nova Scotia! The biggest challenge to overcome was growing up playing with boys and hearing sexist comments or remarks, not only from players but coaches as well throughout the years. I’ve faced a lot of negativity for being a female playing baseball to the point I quit playing for Amherst back when I was about 15-16ish I believe, all because I had enough. It was hard enough being the only female but to be made fun of and looked down on made it that much worse. Playing with other female athletes is such a fun experience and I hope more females are encouraged to join as well, it’s a fantastic opportunity! 

Jocelyn Cannon, Team Saskatchewan

Joining baseball is one of the best decisions that I have made. It has provided me with so many opportunities, from playing in national tournaments representing my province at both the 16U and the 21U level, to allowing me to meet so many new people and form lasting friendships.

I made the transfer from softball to baseball four years ago when I heard about the opportunity to try out for Team Saskatchewan for the 16U Girls National tournament. At first, adjusting was hard, but I quickly grew a knowledge of the game and was able to react appropriately in game situations. I have watched Team Saskatchewan grow immensely over the past few years. Our program is developing and so are the players, and we are beginning to attract more and more attention to girls baseball in our province. As a program, we have held a number of camps for younger girls to come out and try the sport.  These are great because we as players get to connect with the girls and teach the about the game we love.

Baseball has taught me so many life skills to carry with me for the rest of my life. Confidence and accountability are two incredible important qualities of any baseball players. You have to be confident in not only your team mates abilities but also in your own skill set. You have to be confident that you will be able to make the crucial plays and perform under stressful situations. You also have to be able to hold yourself and your teammates accountable for errors, and with that, be able to bounce back from mistakes and be resilient.

Overall, I am very proud to be representing Team Saskatchewan and am grateful for the lessons baseball has taught me.

Julia Jodouin, Team Ontario

I’ve been playing baseball for almost 10 years now, and it’s always been a passion of mine. Baseball, however, has typically been seen as a passion for only guys to pursue… or so I thought. Throughout the years, I discovered a whole new baseball community full of talented women of all ages, and programs that let women everywhere play the sport that we all love. In tournaments like this, I’ve met many like-minded people, my game has grown, and I continue to be guided by role-models who’ve led the way for women’s baseball in Canada. 

Tournaments such as this one allow for us women to grow together, show our talent, and open minds.

Kate Heppner, Team Manitoba

I play baseball because it’s fun and requires both physical and mental effort.  I love baseball because it has allowed me to travel all over and make some great friends and memories along the way.

Katie Hagen, Team Nova Scotia

Baseball is a team sport that allows all players on the field to come together as a team and succeed. As a pitcher I can control the pace of the game, giving me the ability to control the game at my own pace. The game challenges players both mentally and physically requiring you to be on your A game the entire time to be successful. 

This tournament is important to me because it allows females the opportunity to compete at a national championship as well as represent their province while competing for a medal. 

A challenge that I am faced with daily is a visual impairment which requires me to make several adjustments within my game for me to be successful. 

Kiahna Dillabaugh, Team Saskatchewan

Before I played baseball I played softball for 9 years. Both games have taught me many things.  After switching to baseball the ball life changed for me. Playing baseball has opened up the opportunity to play for Team Saskatchewan and this was a program I never knew about before switching to baseball. Playing on this team has taught me many new things that I never knew about ball and created new friendships with people all over the province.
This tournament means a lot to me. Over the years Team Saskatchewan has evolved and now we are becoming competitive. Also, I get to play with the best girls in my province and get to see all the good girl baseball  players from all over my country.
During the time playing baseball I have faced many challenges such as the basics of throwing the ball since it’s different from softball, trying to pitch with all the different pitches there are, switching positions that I played in softball to what I play in baseball, my swing, learning all the new baseball rules and trying to remember them all. But the main challenge I faced was not feeling like I was good enough to play on the boys team and that really brought me down. When you are a girl playing with the guys, you stand out more so you feel like you have to do more to prove yourself. I had to learn that I deserve to be out there just as much as all of the guys do and just relax because I know I can do it. Playing Team Saskatchewan really helped me get over all my challenges because playing on that team shows me how good I really am.

Kylie Fredlund, Team Saskatchewan

Joining baseball 13 years ago could have been one of the best things that has happened in life. Little did I know the impact it would have on me in years to come. It all started when I, as a competitive little five year old, was signed up to play baseball for the first time ever. I came to the first practice and found out it was a boys team and I was the only girl! But I did not care, as my love for the sport grew, so did my abilities and I realized with hard work that I could keep up and even surpass the boys. Baseball taught me teamwork, perseverance, good sportsmanship and that hard work pays off. It has also taught me that losing builds character, and that everyone fails at some point but it is up to you on how you will get up and learn from those experiences. With Saskatchewan finally building its Girls Baseball program I am excited to see the development it has taken and being able to help coach and mentor younger girls coming up. I hope to inspire girls throughout my province and encourage them to keep playing the sport you love no matter what because it has so much to offer. The 21u Women’s team has given me the opportunities to grow as a player and a chance to continue my dream of playing baseball on a national scale.

Lexi Fenske, Team Saskatchewan

Without baseball I wouldn’t be where I am today. Baseball is more than a sport, it has brought me many opportunities and friends along the way that I would’ve never thought possible. The game has gave me the privilege to represent my home town, the surrounding area and even my province while playing the sport I love.
  Although, the road to where I am now wasn’t easy. Me and my family fought to allow me to play with the boys, as the board wanted me to move to softball. In the end the decision was made that I could continue to play boys baseball. There were times that I struggled and thought I wouldn’t make it, but I wasn’t about to let the failure get to me. Therefore, I had to work that much harder to prove I could keep up and belonged there. I am truly thankful For ever bump and failure along the road as it has gave me the drive, experience and passion that has shaped me into the baseball player I am today

Lindsay Wilcox, Team Ontario

Growing up as the only girl my age playing baseball in Waterdown, I was fortunate that my teammates and coaches respected me and treated me as an equal member on our team. My boys team pushed me to be the best player I could be and help me strive for the provincial team. 

When I found out about the Ontario provincial girls team, I knew I wanted to experience playing with girls of the same abilities and passion towards baseball. I am thankful for the opportunities I have experienced over the past eight years through travelling across this country and even to Cuba and USA. I have not only gained lifelong friends, but a large second family. 

Being twenty-one this year I hope I can share my passion for the game and can inspire younger girls to reach their goals in baseball.

Madison Slaunwhite, Team Nova Scotia

I love baseball and playing on this team because of the opportunities that come along with it. I have met a lot of great girls since starting with baseball NS, locally and across the country.

Playing in Nationals is important to me because I get to show my skills through out a large tournament and I get to play the game I love with some great friends I have made along the way. I have overcome feeling uncomfortable being the only girl on a team and becoming more confident playing in front of larger crowds. Its not always easy to shake the nerves and get out there and concentrate on the game, but it helps having the support from my team mates and my coaches.

Makayla Addington, Team Nova Scotia

Being a girl in baseball hasn’t always been easy, from the derogatory comments, being treated different by other teams and when saying I play baseball, being asked “you mean softball, right?”. However, I was fortunate enough to play ball in an association that encouraged girls to play and was never pushed aside by a coach because i was a girl. Baseball gave me a place where I could feel confident in myself and make incredible memories that I will never forget, including nationals. Nationals, to me, gives me the opportunity to represent my province and the chance the play against and along side incredible female baseball players. 

Maria Roy, Team Nova Scotia

One of the toughest things about moving away from my home town of Hammonds Plains, NS for university, was leaving behind such a great baseball community. Being involved in baseball was a really important part of my family’s life in Nova Scotia. It has been challenging to find and integrate myself into a new baseball community. In this tournament, I am looking forward to coming back for my last year in u21 to play with my amazing teammates and represent my home province.

Meeghan Crandall, Team Ontario

Baseball has been my passion since I was 6 years old. I was used to always being the only girl on the boys baseball teams in my town and also used to being asked the same question over and over again. That question was, why don’t u play softball? My answer to that question was always the same. I do not want to play softball because I would rather play baseball. Baseball is my sport and just because I’m a girl it is expected for me to play softball, and in my case that is not what I want do. As it goes for boys baseball, I am treated with the same respect from the boys and the coaches, which makes my time there a lot more fun and less stressful as the only girl on the team.

I have been involved with Team Ontario for about 4-5 years now, but I have been involved with their development league since I was 11. Girl’s baseball has taught me so much about myself. It has taught me that it’s okay to play baseball and not softball and that there are other girls out there that are like you and that take baseball to a serious and competitive level, it has taught me a lot about having confidence and that not having a perfect game is okay. I am very thankful to have been brought up in such an amazing and excepting group of people while playing with baseball Ontario, and I am very thankful that I can say I can continue my dream and experience with team Ontario this year.

Meghan Jasmin, Team Quebec

I am an 18 year old native of Montreal North. I have been in the Quebec feminine program for five years. Baseball is my passion; therefore, I like to give back by sharing my knowledge and coaching younger girls. I want to show people that girls don’t have to play softball; they can play baseball too. I am looking forward to playing against some very talented women at the 21U Women’s Invitational in August.

Mercedes Gorham, Team Manitoba

My name is Mercedes Gorham, I am 14 years old and baseball is my passion.  I have been playing since I was little, over the years I have met so many great athletes and coaches.  With the guidance and mentorship I have pushed myself to become a better athlete and baseball player.  I am always pushing myself to be better by honing my skills, technique and knowledge of the game.

I have had the opportunity to be coached by former Goldeyes player Dean Sproule and up and coming MLB Orioles catcher Chris Shaw as well as Baseball Manitoba’s legend Glen Hunter, who has been inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame.

My goal is to play for the Womens’ National Team and go to University to fulfill my studies to be a Criminologist.  I want to be a role model for young girls and women around the world and show them how great the game of baseball is.

Miya Waldron, Team Ontario

Becoming a member of Team Ontario was a completely different and exciting experience for me. I’ve always been the only girl on a boys baseball team. I have been fortunate enough to have found a good home and I am in my 10th season with the Georgina Bulldogs. When I found Girls baseball 5 years ago it was eye opening, a large amount of girls that all could relate their experiences and their love for the game with each other. I wouldn’t be as strong if I didn’t continue to play Boys baseball, which I’m grateful for because it helped me get to the level I am playing with Team Ontario. In the past, I have had moments while playing boys where I was judged based on my gender but that never happens when I’m playing with the girls. You meet and develop relationships with girls all around your own province and across the country, that will last a life time.

Olivia Sheldon, Team Manitoba

I play baseball because I love the game and the competitive aspect of playing at a high level.
I love the game because I can meet so many new people who share some of the same interests as myself.

Rachel Boone, Team Nova Scotia

What I love about baseball is the head space you fall into as you’re on the mound and the feeling of the ball cracking off the bat. I love how it brought me close friends and brings us together throughout the summer. 

This summer is important to me as I am getting old and will be aged after this year, so it is my last year to represent my province at a national event. 

I’ve had to overcome some mental & physical challenges of the game just as any other player.

Raelea Nickerson, Team Nova Scotia

I have been playing baseball for as long as I can remember, it’s something that has been a apart of my family for a long time. This tournament is important to me because I took the last 2 years off due to a shoulder injury, and this season happens to be my last with the 21U program. I’ve very happy to be able to play my last year with and against some of the most talented girls across the country

Sarah Moir, Team Manitoba

I have been playing ball for as long as I can remember and have always looked up to the guys in the MLB.  While playing in my first Girls Westerns Tournament in Edmonton, I had the opportunity to watch the Women’s Canadian National Team in the 2012 World Cup along with my teammates. 
After meeting some of the ladies as they got on their bus, my dream of playing women’s baseball for as long as I can started to grow.  Because I stuck to playing girls baseball over my summers, I have met many new people, coaches and
created great friendships.  I’ve developed my skills to a higher level making me a better plaSydney Brimicombeyer and have been given many opportunities to play at
different tournaments and to represent my province and my country.  I love baseball and being able to play alongside girls with the same love I have is something I care for deeply.

Sena Catterall, Team Quebec

Baseball has never been just a sport for me. I started at the age of 9, as I was just trying to find something to do in the summer. However as soon as I picked up my first baseball, I fell in love. 

Baseball isn’t just a place where I can field ground balls or catch fly balls, it’s a place where I thrive and I feel safe. The baseball diamond has become a second home for me and my team has become a second family. I couldn’t imagine my life without this game. It has shaped me into the person I have become and I could not be more grateful that my parents signed me up for it.  In my 8 years of playing baseball, I have been apart of Team Quebec for 4, and I cannot stress the fact enough that I am so lucky to have had the chance to play with and against the most talented and passionate female baseball players in the country. I see this tournament as just another way I get to spend time playing the sport that I love with the people I love and I could not be more excited.

Stefanie Byron, Team Manitoba

  I started playing baseball when I was six years old I always played with the boys, as I grew older I was encouraged to play softball because that was the expectation. Last year I wanted to challenge myself, I switched over to hardball. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I was going to feel uncomfortable at times but I was down for the challenge. Through joining hardball I found out about the women’s nationals, I was so glad that I had the opportunity to represent our province. I gained many new friends, who experienced the same things as me. I can’t wait for girls in hardball to be recognized by everyone as a normal. 

Sydney Brimicombe, Team Nova Scotia

I could name all the things I love about baseball and have a list a mile long, but the thing is without a doubt the people. I help coach a peewee team back home, and they’re the best kids I’ve ever met. They were so excited when they found out I had made the provincial team and was going to Nationals. They even gave me a good luck charm, which I’ll of course, have with me the whole tournament. The support I’ve received not just this month but over the years from the kids and their parents, and especially from my coaches, is absolutely unreal. I’m here because of them, and when I’m on the field at Nationals, I’ll be playing for them.

Tesia Hrom, Team Manitoba

Playing Team Toba baseball is an exciting new experience for me. I have played competitive softball for 10 years, while also watching my older brother Krisplay at the baseball diamond! My dad also tells me stories of his baseball “glory days “, so I was excited to be given this opportunity to play the game I watched so often and frequently pretended to play as a little girl. I had the first chance to play with my high school baseball team this year and really enjoyed the challenge of the sport. Getting to play with such an experienced group of girls as are on Team Toba just makes me more driven to learn and grow with this sport. I am super excited to compete at Nationals this summer!

Tess Forman, Team Ontario

Growing up being one of the few girls on my baseball team I was always the odd one out, but that pushed me to work harder. This tournament has given me the opportunity to strive for a national title, something that is relatively new for women in baseball. The tournament has me and my teammates playing against some of the best young female baseball players in the country and meet some the most motivated people I know. 

-Tess Forman, Team Ontario 21U player and first recorded female student athlete to pitch in the Canadian Collegiate Baseball Association (Carleton Ravens University Men’s team)

Tessa Hood, Team Nova Scotia

I love baseball not just because of the game but because of the people that I’ve met while playing. Whether it be a teammate or an opposing player at the end of the day there is always a friendship made.

This tournament is important to be because it reinforces that baseball is a sport for everyone.

Zoe Hicks, Team Manitoba

I have been playing baseball for just over a year, but softball my whole life. I lucked into playing baseball for Manitoba at a small town tournament and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I play this game for the moments that can’t be put into words. The highs and the lows, I wouldn’t change any part of my story. The diamond is a place I have always called home. Life changes but the game is always there. I love baseball because it can’t be cheated. The game knows who puts in the time. The game knows how hard you work and in the big moments, the game knows who really wants it, and who doesn’t.